Shared Reflections

We recently asked women who attended JourneyMakers' monthly luncheons to let us know what continues to bring them back each month. May their responses encourage your heart as much as they have ours.

Besides the great food, I enjoy the fellowship with other Christian women and topics oriented to a woman’s soul. The time renews my spirit and my faith.

JourneyMakers allows me to relax and refocus, and it helps me put all the hecticness of the day in perspective.

I look forward to JourneyMakers every month. Listening to the stories & testimonies of other Christian women is so uplifting. Helps to know you aren’t the only one going through struggles also. Great job.

JourneyMakers – WOW – The Lord always has something personal to say to me thru each and every speaker I can remember!

For me, JourneyMakers has allowed me to take a break from the business environment. I don’t leave my office much because I am trying to balance work, home life and kids activities. It has been a great reminder to slow down and to focus on what is important. That God is in control and has our best interest at heart.

I come back to JourneyMakers each month because I feel welcome and enjoy the fellowship. It also allows me to feel closer to God and to bring Him into my life more often.

JourneyMakers has encouraged me in my spiritual growth.

What brings me back to JourneyMakers each month is the fellowship with all the ladies. I enjoy the variety of speakers and the experiences they are willing to share. The life lessons and the ways that God has worked in each speaker’s life.
JourneyMakers has been a positive experience in my life. I keep coming back to JourneyMakers because I enjoy the female Christian fellowship.

The impact of JourneyMakers has been so positive for me! The speakers have always had something special to share which blessed me so much. JourneyMakers is a highlight of each month for me. I can’t think of one thing I’d ever want to see changed. Keep up the awesome work!

JourneyMakers is a wonderful way to get away from the hectic world we are caught up in everyday and it brings us close to Jesus and much more important things. I love the opportunity to have spiritual “refreshing” mid-day, and when it’s scheduled, I’ll do it. I leave a different person than when I came in – full in terms of my stomach and my heart; more at peace; thankful for so much. Thank you for providing this for us.

I receive a lot of encouragement from the speakers. It always comes at a very needed time.
JourneyMakers has helped me to regain my focus with God at the center of my life. Work and schedules are always hectic. It gives me a chance to pause and regroup.

The subjects are relative to my life and some of the issues that are going on in my world. It makes me feel good to know that there are other women with my same subjects and that share a heart for God and His Word.

I’ve come three times now. I have it on my calendar and I try not to let ANYTHING interfere. Why? Because I need reminded of my Christian beliefs here at work. I like to hear how others incorporate God into their daily life and share with others. I always walk away inspired and full of love to share. Thank you for continuing JourneyMakers.

I keep returning to JourneyMakers because I love the Lord. I love having fellowship with other believers. The speakers always have something that meets a need in my life.

I enjoy the speakers’ messages.

JourneyMakers touches my life because it is an oasis in the middle of the day. It is an opportunity to focus solely on God for an hour on a particular day on a work day and it refreshes me. I go back to work with my mind on God and it gives me a fresh perspective on the rest of the day.

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to attend. However, it appears that discussions on important topics are shared. I am happy that I am able to attend.

I like the short little “seminar” each month that refreshes and gives me something to think about at work.
When I became a Christian I didn’t want to attend a church for various reasons. But one day a co-worker invited me to JourneyMakers. I received such a blessing from God that day and such encouragement from the message that I soon started attending church.

I have invited several friends to JourneyMakers in the last couple of years and have witnessed blessings they have received as well. Every month the blessing I receive from JourneyMakers makes me determined to not miss the next meeting.

I only learned of JourneyMakers about four months ago and I have only been able to attend three times. But, I really have been blessed by each speaker. The fellowship is wonderful and a great thing to invite my co-workers to. I would like to see the event publicized a little more. Perhaps the word of mouth promotion is the best.

JourneyMakers gives me joy, inspiration, appreciation. The welcomes have been marvelous. Those who extended an invitation today have improved their own and my outlook noticeably.

JourneyMakers has made me love God more and to try to love others more. I keep coming back because the messages that we receive, good food and being with other women who love God and Jesus.

The speakers have very unique faith stories. I appreciate having a friendly, open format where these stories can be shared.
I like the connection to work and our spiritual lives – bonding with co-workers and others. I keep coming back because JourneyMakers feeds me both spiritually and nutritionally.

I like being able to come to the lunch sessions. It’s a nice break over lunch. I enjoy the food for lunch.
I look forward to worship with other Christian women. I have brought friends and they love coming back. I hate missing (December, when there is no luncheon). I look forward to the women speakers, of their willingness to speak of hurts, losses, God healing. Love the women who lead us.

I’ve only been here a few times, but I really enjoy it and it is very refreshing. It’s good food for my spirit and I really enjoy seeing strong women speak about their spiritual journeys. It’s always very encouraging.

JourneyMakers has helped me think more about the difficulties others have in life and I feel really fortunate of how well my life has been. I have invited friends to JourneyMakers and they keep coming back. All enjoy these meetings.

I look forward to a word from God, good food, good conversation with friends and an uplifting message each month! Thank you ladies who organize this each month! Each month’s speaker really touches my heart and is just what I need to hear for that time in my life.

I enjoy the topics/speakers. I always leave feeling uplifted and enlightened. The staff is warm and welcoming. Food is a PLUS!!

I absolutely love the JourneyMakers lunches and am so glad these are offered to everyone. About a year ago, I renewed my relationship with God and have been actively seeking Him wherever I can. These lunches have really brightened my workday and provide a much needed renewal when things get so stressful at work. I can leave my desk and the work; enjoy some wonderful fellowship with other Christian women and return to my desk refreshed. I have also reached out to another co-worker who was experiencing some trying times. She also appreciated everything JourneyMakers has done.

JourneyMakers is the highlight of my month – a chance to get together with other Christian women. It has been great to see the growth in the number of women from my office. What started as 1 or 2 has now grown to 8!

I keep coming back to JourneyMakers to see the women who are willing to show their faith publicly.
I haven’t attended JourneyMakers for probably 3 years. I’m looking forward to starting up again for a nice reflection in the middle of a hectic work day!

I so look forward each month to JourneyMakers. It lifts me up for the rest of the day and then some. It is wonderful to share a little time with Christian friends.

JourneyMakers gives me the chance to put all other busyness in life aside and just think about my relationship with Jesus and how I can improve it, enjoy it, and share it. Thanks!

This was my first JourneyMakers and I loved it! The speaker touched my heart so much! I will be back!

What brings me back each month – the inspirational speakers and great lunches. JourneyMakers is like a breath of fresh air and a nice break from the work-a-day-world once a month. I am always disappointed when work meetings prevent me from coming.

I am refreshed each time I attend. God personally speaks to me about me through others. I keep coming back because of the speakers, the fellowship and the food.

The subjects the speakers talk about always touch my heart and are always so thought provoking and applicable. I feel the Spirit move, so many ladies from all walks of life. Wonderful group.

JourneyMakers helps enrich my spiritual life and to find myself once again. To know that there is hope for all, regardless of who we are and where we come from.

JourneyMakers connected me with someone from the town where I live and gave us a great chance to let the other know that there is someone else of like faith who was hoping and praying for our town as I was.
JourneyMakers puts something that really means something in the whole course of human events into the middle of a crazy busy work day.

I appreciate the “community” of JourneyMakers. As women, a lot gets asked of each of us – everyday in all aspects of our lives. Even at church. Here at JourneyMakers I feel free to receive nourishment without looking around and thinking, “I should come back and wash that window… Oh, I forgot to turn in that form… etc.” I know its work for you ladies though, so, Thank You for your volunteerism to keep JourneyMakers running. It fills my spiritual soul in a way nothing else does. “That Your Heart May Be Encouraged!” I love that phrase!!