2019 Luncheons
2018 Luncheons

July 11th Luncheon

Donna King

Do you know where you’re from? How about where you’re going?

Did you ever want to go somewhere so very, very much? So much so, that each time you think about it, a longing comes into your heart and mind. Why did you want to go there? What drew you to that particular place? What if knowing changed everything? What do you know already? Is there more to learn? Come, and let’s explore Mt Sion together. Life is such a wonderful Journey. And our destination is… “The City of the Living God”.

Based on the foundational truths found in Hebrews 12:22-23, "You have come to Mt. Sion, and unto The City of the Living God. The heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels."

About the Speaker

Come and join us as Donna shares for the last time before moving out of state. Donna King met Connie Johnson for the first time in April 2002. Marilyn Long was speaking for Journeymakers and invited her to attend the presentation. It was at that meeting that the Lord joined Connie Johnson’s and Donna’s hearts. They have been working together, along with Jacki Stewart, Ruth Baer, and the members of the board, and various other wonderful women to share the Gospel, and encourage your hearts ever since. It has been 17 years now.

Donna is a wife to Gary King. Together they have served the Lord for over 40 years. Their hearts are knit together in the love of the word of God, through the new birth in Jesus Christ. Their favorite pastime is studying God’s word and His ways together. Together they have served in several churches, lifting and encouraging as the Lord would permit. Currently, they attend Real Life Church in Ankeny. Donna helps with teaching Sunday school, and is active in worship and encouraging the use of the gifts as they are given throughout the work of God.

Donna is a mother of 3 happily married children and 11 grandchildren. Her passion is to encourage and lift up people in the name of Jesus.

It is in her heart to start a new chapter of Journeymakers in Indiana as the Lord will permit. Also to continue the practice of meeting for prayer and encouragement with a small group of women on Friday mornings.

Come, let us feast on the goodness of God together one last time with our dear friend.

Luncheon Menu

Entree: Oriental Chicken Salad
Bread: Italian Bread
Bars or Cookies
Beverage: Coke, Diet Coke, and Water
Luncheon options:
Have us serve you lunch or bring your own lunch
(No Reservations Required)
Charge for Luncheon:
Your free will offering is greatly appreciated as it helps us meet our monthly fixed costs.